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5 years ago today our beloved son Elijah-Alavi life was taken from him.

#dairyallergy November 3rd,2017, 5 years ago today our beloved son Elijah-Alavi life was taken from him. The tragedy of our son’s death has grief struck and immobilized my family and friends. The memories still feel fresh from that day down to the second, minutes and hours as his life and our life faded away. I know I will never get to shake this, but I do know, We get to do something about it and that’s continuing with our son, Elijah-Alavi’s legacy by creating change across the nation and the globe.

We are honored and humbled to receive The Ruth T.Cornell Award given to us by founder Jon Terry & Toni Taylor of the Allergy Advocacy Association. Ruth T.Cornell, Jon Terry's sister had passed away due to a tragic anaphylaxis reaction to a honey bee sting. In her honor and memory Jon Terry & Toni Taylor honors those creating lasting impactful change in the FA communities with the Ruth T.Cornell award. We are truly grateful to you all for your continued strength of advocacy and standing along side my family and I and our foundations.

If you like to support our vision and mission please donate today. Your support will help us continue on with our initiative in creating change.

Here is where the funding will go to: $20,000 GOAL

-Advocacy efforts in getting Elijah’s Law to other states

-Elijah’s Echo Ambassadors Program -Our Food Allergy Training in person & online -Auto injector initiative for childcare centers -Marketing -Administration

-Community Events

-Technology/Media -Asthma education & initiative coming soon

With your support we can continue moving forward and stronger. Let's Give4Elijah

Within our effort we have

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