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Give A Little. Help A Lot. Creating A Brighter Tomorrow.

Looking back on the past four years without our happy, smiling Elijah, My family and I are both amazed and heartbroken by the milestones achieved and the knowledge we (as a society) have gained. Amid unfathomable sadness, laws have been created, a foundation was established, and critical food allergy education has been shared at levels we never could have imagined.

In the weeks following Elijah’s death, we were faced with two options: channel our grief into change or be destroyed by the devastation. We chosed change. We channeled all the anger, bitterness, and rage we felt to move us into action. We sought to understand why Elijah’s child day care program was so ill-equipped to handle an anaphylactic emergency and investigated what laws were established – and moreover, what still needs to be done. Our goal was to not only protect other families with food allergies, but to also empower and protect children nationally.

As we know, giving is one of the most significant way to help many organization to propel the reach of their missions in creating lasting change. The Elijah-Alavi Foundation has set a lofty fundraising target of $250,000, which we hope to achieve. In our ask today, we wish to raise donations to support to extend our services all around, from our administration efforts, community outreach particularly those from underserved communities,advocacy efforts, technology assessments, marketing, food allergy training and education(in person/online), research, asthma awareness initiative and our ambassador program. Can we rely on you to assist us in getting there?

Meeting our funding target will aid in our efforts to promote countrywide socially & equitable initiatives. Our all year round commitment in life-saving services demonstrates the resilience and strength of our foundation for our community and your gift today will serve as a reminder that we can make a difference if we all work together more effectively. #elijahsecho

Donate today by clicking the link click on the donate button and be a part of creating lasting impactful change.

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