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The Elijah-Alavi Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, which aims to encourage nation-wide diverse, social and equitable resources to make sure that all children in every school and beyond in every neighborhood regardless of socioeconomic conditions, culture, or class, are safe when their parents drop them off. Our foundation is an on the ground food allergy organization that provides food allergy training for school professionals and those in the childcare filed; Elijah’s Law helps to promote food allergy awareness through education, training, and access to resources; The Foundation was created as Elijah’s Echo and in honor of his memory; My team and I commit to protecting children through awareness training, we also aided by creating a historical piece of legislation in New York State by implementing proper education for school officials when working with individuals with allergies; Elijah’s story will forever remain in our hearts as we “Make A Hand. Make A Hug. Make A kiss’ and remember to continue to raise awareness about food allergies; now, therefore, be it.


A Partnership for Change

Elijah’s Law, all child day care programs in the state of New York are now required to have an anaphylactic policy in place for children with food allergies. Belay has partnered with the

Elijah-Alavi Foundation to create the very first accredited in-person food allergy training program, for schools and daycares called, E.P.I.

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