Ondina Hawthorne,M.S. Ed.

Vice President/Co Founder

Has a Master Degree in Special Education,She’s a loving mother, singer/songwriter and author. Ondina is the Vice President and Co-founder of The Elijah-Alavi Foundation. The Elijah-Alavi Foundation was created in Honor of her son Elijah-Alavi who had passed away on November 3, rd 2017, due to a tragic incident of an anaphylaxis reaction.The death of her child caused her to explore her Good Mourning's. Challenge with her loss, Dina Hawthorne shares a raw, vivid, emotionally driven and heart-wrenching self-expression of grief openly. "Grief isn't an emotion that should be contained. Ondina and her husband Thomas create a legislation in NY State called Elijah’s Law and had partnered with another company to create an accredited educational curriculum that will educate and train educators in early childcare, daycares in New York & beyond. The Elijah-Alavi Foundation focuses on bringing food allergy awareness and education to communities that are faced with disparity.


Ruben Porras-Sanchez


In an effort to bridge, build, and better communities around the country, Ruben has spent the better part of his life leveraging networks and bringing individuals, companies, nonprofits, and public institutions together to address the needs of the underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized. He developed a national campaign that raised money to feed more than 50,000 students around the country; an international campaign that raised money for women's health; and brought groups together locally to improve communities by building playgrounds, developing youth programs, fundraising for schools, and organizing health fairs.


Thomas Silvera,CST


Thomas Silvera holds a degree in Surgical Technology and is currently pursuing his Bachelor'sDegree in Health Education & Sciences. Following this, he is looking to obtain a Master's Degree inPublic Health & Epidemiology.He and his wife, through their grief, created TheElijah-Alavi Foundation in honor of their sonElijah-Alavi who had passed away on November3rd, 2017 due to a food allergen that was given tohim while attending an NYC daycare. As a food allergic parent with another son with food allergies, Thomas has been working to create lasting change in the food allergy community and beyond.Thomas has been working tirelessly to createchange in legislation. He aided in the passingElijah's Law, named after his son Elijah-Alavi Silvera, which was signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo on September 12th, 2019.

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