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Food Allergy Books for kids
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Food Allergy
Coloring Book

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Penny And the Peanut
By Micaa Thomas

Nutley the nut free squirrel


By Stephanie Sorkin

Super Dan

By Paris Jalali

Austin Allergies
Patty's Secret Food Allergies

Austin Allergies

By Erin Konheim Mandras

Patty's Secret

By leneille Moon


Food allergy Stinks

By Whitney Graves

No Thank You,I Can't Eat Those!

No Thank You,I Can't Eat Those

By S.Taylor

He Can't Come In Book
Food Allergy Friends

Land of Not & The Class That Can 

By JJ Valupas

Thai Goes To A Birthday Party – Dealing with Food Allergies

By Jackie Nevard


Macy's Teal Pumkin

By Suzy Brophy

A Lesson for Every Child:

Learning About Food Allergies

By Sally Huss,& Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino  

Mighty Me
Aidan The Wonder Kid

Aidan The Wonder Kid

By Colleen Brunetti

Mighty Jax and Mightiest Me want to educate about food allergies and inspire and empower everyone with allergies!

By Laura Margolis

He Can't Came In

By Fatima Straughn

Allergy Books For Kids

By Michelle Nel

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