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The Itch Podcast
Hello, We Are The ITCH Podcast

This podcast is for the anyone who has questions about allergies, asthma, eczema, and immunologic conditions. Whether you have been living with an allergic or immunologic condition, are newly diagnosed, a family member or a friend, Dr Gupta and Kortney want to help you navigate through the confusion that comes with this diagnosis.

Mo'Pweeze Bakery

Mo’Pweeze Bakery is an Allergen Free & Vegan Bakery that produces products that are free of the TOP 10 main allergens and animal products. As a small batch bakery, Mo’Pweeze Bakery specializes in creating special moments for each of their customers. On top of being 100% vegan and top 9 allergen-free, the bakery is also adept at creating special treats and custom cakes for other dietary needs.] We routinely test our products to ensure that our products are allergen-free and always Vegan!

Food Allergy Blog
Food Allergy Life: Hopes to make things a bit easier for families recently diagnosed with food allergies and relatable to those already well adjusted to this food allergy life. As a nurse, I hope other nurses will learn the importance of food allergy education while reading though my experiences because this education saves lives.  With 1 in 13 children having food allergies in America, nurses can play a big part in keeping these kids safe & included in our communities!
Food Allergy Blog

Welcome to Nut Free Wok, a blog about Allergy Aware Asian Fare. I hope that you will find my food allergy mom experiences helpful and enjoyable to read as I write about recipes, cooking techniques, Asian ingredients, and food allergy related awareness and advocacy issues. I love to hear from readers and brands which are nut free and allergy aware

Food Alergy Blog

Let’s talk real life resources, learning, and finding solutions regarding life-threatening food allergies, anaphylaxis, and asthma. I chose the name Grateful foodie after I asked a dear friend what I should name my blog.  She said, “of course, the gratefulfoodie”!  She explained, “you love food, you show your love with it and food is how you bridged the gap to normalcy for your food allergic kids.”  I am very grateful for the foods that my children can eat.

Allergy Eats

AllergyEats is YOUR guide – by you and for you, our food allergy community.  Through your ratings, you help millions of us dine out more comfortably, finding those restaurants ready and willing to accommodate our allergies (and identifying those that are not).  So, thank you and happy eating!  “We are all in this together!”

No Nut Traveler

Welcome to the No Nut Traveler.

This website is dedicated to all the people who have food allergies and wish to fly on commercial airplanes. I created this site because my family was put in a stressful situation with United Airlines, and I don’t want others to go through that.

Turn It Teal

Turn it Teal’s mission is to light as many sites as possible during Food Allergy Awareness Month, many during the week of May 13-19 this year. We want more people to become educated about food allergies, their daily impact on people, and how they can help those with allergies, perhaps someday helping to find a cure.

Food Allegy Counseling

The Food Allergy Counselor Directory and food allergy mental health resources
for the food allergy community and beyond!

Kyle Dine Food Allergy Educator
Disney Vacation


Kyle Dine performs food allergy awareness assemblies for elementary schools across North America. His brand of fun and educational performances uses music, puppets, and games to engage audiences with age-appropriate content. He has released two CDs and an educational DVD which was funded through Kickstarter. He is a keynote speaker and is the founder & CEO of

Pixie Lizzie is an experienced vacation planner and I will help you book your dining reservations, your Fast Passes, etc. I know the parks and resorts well because I visit Walt Disney World every 1-2 months and take Disney cruises at least twice a year. All of my vacation planning help is free when you book with me! Helping families plan their vacations is a passion of mine and I would love to help you plan this wonderful vacation. I will walk you through the entire process. Now, let’s plan some magic!

Traveling with food allergies

PracMedic Tribe

Join PracMedic Tribe to receive your Tribe coupon code, receive health E-letters, exclusive Tribe deals plus a FREE copy of our Traveling with Food Allergies eBook!

Killer Food Allergies

The Killer Food Allergies Podcast is a weekly show offering a community of support for those living with, or taking care of, someone managing life-threatening food allergies

Fun For All Foods

Fun For All Foods The first line of resealable bake mixes that are  Top 8 Allergen Free and Vegan.  The chart on the back of each bag tells you how to make your preferred batch size. Then reseal and save the rest for later!

Compassion 4 Anaphylaxis Mission

To open windows of compassion for those with anaphylaxis related conditions and the families that love them. Founder #OneLife2Much

Girl Behind The Hive

The Girl Behind The Hive

Growing up with food allergies isn't easy, and sometimes you feel like nobody gets it. Well, I'm the girl who does. Growing in and out of different allergies over the past twenty-three years makes me a bit of an expert on living with allergies, so I am here to help by sharing my own personal experiences and answering any questions you might have.