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A Win For My Son,Elijah-Alavi & The Food Allergy & Asthma Community.

It’s more than the accolades it about the impact being created through a collaborative effort. My family and I are so grateful to have received this Emmy Award Win for the collaborative PSA campaign SPELL IT OUT. Thank you @sammimendenhall for all that you do and for making this happen for us.

We dedicated this Emmy Award Win to our Son Elijah-Alavi and to everyone in the food allergy & asthma community that has stood beside us since day one. This win is for you!!.

-From President of Sammi Mendenhall Creative "Plain and simple, I was that person who demanded peanuts on the plane. I didn’t have peanut allergies and I didn’t realize the ramifications of peanut allergies. But when I saw Thomas Silvera on the news explaining how his son Elijah died after eating a cheese sandwich, given to him by his teachers who knew that Elijah had a dairy allergy, I decided to educate myself and others about food allergies. This PSA is for the little ones who need help in educating people just like me. “

We are so grateful for the amazing collaboration with every person and organizations. Congratulations!!! !! to Change for Kids AllergyStrong Natalie Giorgi Sunshine Foundation Red Sneakers For Oakley @endallergytogether who are also Emmy Winners and has been involved in this effort that is passionate about educating the public about the potential dangers of food allergies. Food allergies can affect anyone at any time in any community. And, any food can cause a life-threatening reaction. Spreading awareness about food allergies, the importance of seeing a medical professional if food allergies are suspected, and knowing what to do if a serious reaction (anaphylaxis) occurs, will save lives. We are all Emmy Winners!!! We did it!!!!

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