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An incredible day of awareness and advocacy with @ruschellboone Spectrum News NY1! We were honored to hear from Dina Hawthorne, the passionate newly appointed President of EAF. Her words were a powerful reminder of the significance of understanding food allergies and the transformative potential of Elijah's Law.

Dina with Ruschell Boone From Spectrum NY1

Her interview coincided with Food Allergy Awareness Week, amplifying the message that food allergies are not just a personal concern but a public health issue that requires our collective attention and action.

Dina spoke eloquently about the life-changing and life-threatening nature of food allergies, highlighting the importance of education in schools and childcare centers. She emphasized the need to equip children, educators, and parents with the knowledge to identify and respond to allergic reactions. Knowledge, as she reminded us, is the key to prevention.

She also discussed Elijah's Law, named in memory of her son. This vital piece of legislation mandates allergy safety training in childcare centers, working towards a future where no child's life is endangered by a lack of allergy awareness. The law stands as a testament to Elijah's legacy and a beacon of hope for children with food allergies and their families.

Elijah-Alavi Silvera is holding an umbrella.

This Food Allergy Awareness Week, let's remember Dina's impactful message and work together to make our schools and childcare centers safer for every child. Because every child deserves to learn, grow, and play without fear of their next meal.

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