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it's essential that daycare center understands exactly how severe Food allergies can be.

When you leave your child in the care of a daycare center, you're trusting that they're well-educated in all aspects of caring for children. Sadly, many child care organizations are not fully prepared to handle a food allergy crisis. At Elijah-Alavi Foundation, our non-profit, we're working tirelessly to ensure that all educators, daycare center workers, and others who care for children understand the importance of acting immediately and taking appropriate action when a child is exposed to a food allergen. Reach out to us to learn more about our non-profit efforts, as well as to get information on how you can help our cause.

Thank you to Dr.Ruchi Gupta and Sarah Valaika, Early Childhood Educator for creating and dedicating this amazing video to my son Elijah-Alavi Silvera. This video helps educate ealry childcare/daycare educators on the importance of Severe Food Allergies.

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