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Sebastin's Big 1-1 Birthday Bash For A Cause!

Hi there! My name is Sebastin. So, I've got some big news: I’m turning 11 on August 20th! And I've got an even bigger idea for my birthday. I want to do something that’s not just about cake and candles, but about my little brother, Elijah-Alavi. Oh, how I wish he was here, playing outside with me, being my trusty sidekick for the new school year. But since Elijah went to his heaven bed, I feel like he's sprinkling stardust on us from above. While I can’t bring him back, I can do something amazing in his memory.

Here’s a little secret: I have food allergies. Yup, peanuts, eggs, and dairy - they’re like my kryptonite. And my brother Elijah-Alavi had food allergies too. After he went to his heaven bed, my superhero mom and dad started a foundation Elijah-Alavi Foundation in his honor. Why? So kids like him, like me, like you, and maybe like someone you know, can be safe and have fun without worrying about allergies.

For my big 1-1 birthday, instead of a tower of gifts (though one or two won't hurt ), I’m asking everyone—my squad, my fam, and even those cool folks I haven't met yet—to pitch in to our foundation, Elijah-Alavi Foundation. All the funds we gather will help teach schools, families, and all the awesome kids out there about food allergies. That way, no more best buddies have to miss the fun because of them.

Oh, and here's a sweet treat: My mom got me Abe's chocolate cake for my birthday. I'm super excited because guess what? It's free from all my allergens! And yes, I’ll be having it with allergen-friendly ice cream!

If you donate, you're not just giving me a birthday present, you're giving a gift to countless kids. The gift of safety, understanding, and a world where food allergies don’t steal the spotlight.

Here’s How You Can Join Team Sebastin:

Donate! $11 or Whether it's a little or a lot, it all counts. here at

Spread my birthday mission with everyone you know. Dive deep into understanding food allergies. Knowledge = Power! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this birthday special, and for lending a hand to kids like Elijah-Alavi and me. If Elijah were here, he’d probably join me in a massive bear hug and say, "You guys rock!"

Sending all the birthday love and wishes, love Sebastin #elijahsecho #elijahslaw #kidswithfoodallergies #foodallergyfamily #foodallergy #foodallergies

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