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Elijah's Law Virginia

On January 24th, HB1328 An Act, to be known and cited as “Elijah’s Law” Was submitted in Virginia. This bill is relating to training for and treatment of anaphylaxis with epinephrine; required in early childhood care and education entity. -Sen Jennifer Boysko.

The legislation will also require a child day care facility to notify, as soon as possible, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a child who suffers from an anaphylactic attack. Currently, child day cares are only required to have, at minimum, one employee trained in anaphylaxis recognition and emergency procedures as a prerequisite to acquire and stock epinephrine auto-injectors.” Your support on the legislation will help put policy in place that these daycare facilities shall follow and act swiftly in the event of emergency. What happen to my son Elijah, shouldn’t happen to another child. Be #elijahsecho

Virginia Residents: reach out to your state Legislators to support Elijah’s Law Bill #HB1328

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