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Managing food allergies requires vigilance

Every second , minutes, hours, days, months and years that goes by, we will never forget.

It was just a regular day for us all four of us until Elijahs’s mom, Dina received that phone call from the Child Care Center. Later I received a call around 2pm from my Dina and the hospital telling me I need to get to the hospital right away. I rushed from work and when I got there I saw Dina walking outside the doors from the hospital. She fell to her knees, while shaking her head “NO” Then she screamed at the top of her lungs, I had held her and embraced her.. Dina was fighting, kicking and screaming. She was distraught. I knew then that Elijah did not survive. My little boy was gone. I tried to stay calm but inside, I was enraged and angry because I had no answers. Years later, We’

Young children cannot protect themselves. My son was not protected. His voice was not heard. But my family and I will be his voice. We are Elijah’s Echo, by sharing the seriousness of food allergies and anaphylaxis as well asthma. I need to know that my child Elijah-Alavi did not die in vain. My son’s life has to have a purpose. If you are here reading this and don’t understand what are food allergies or asthma ? know that children with food allergies and asthma are at risk. Their lives depend on you to know. The day we lost Elijah began like every other day. There was no warning. People need to be educated on understanding the signs and symptoms of food allergic reaction and how to act in the event of an emergency.

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